Of respect and reconciliation

Totally busy day today. Haven’t do my usual visits to blogospheres’ blog yet. Gomenasai~

Plus, my Mozilla Firefox can’t upload its browser currently. Don’t know what had happen. I lost all my bookmarks. *sigh* This can’t be happen to an IAD person innit? So, summary of today’s event.

Classes from 10am to 4pm.

EIT: 1000-1300
Teaching English to Young Learner (II): 1400-1500
Language Support: 1500-1600
Collective Voices: 1700-1900
MARJON COmmunity Play: 1945-2100
Class for EIT (Education in Information Technology), cracked my head and some of my friends got sick. I think I agree with Ruby, we were exposed with the ray from the monitor for hours and that makes us sick. 😛

Went to Barbican theatre, being filmed, watched people being filmed and playing around with Amna. Zehra’s sister. She’s another kid who asked me whether I’m a Chinese or Japanese. LOL. First time this kind of thing happen when I was in Mecca, on top of Marwa hill, an Indian boy asked me “Are you Chinese? Are you Philippine?”. Hahah. Perhaps kids don’t know much yet to differ people’s face of origin. Anyways, Amna is a cute, active, playful, stubborn and adorable little girl. Such a brave girl.

We rushed to MARJON around 7 something and arrived at Drama Theatre but nobody was there. We don’t know that the first part is finished, and the audiences went out for MARJON’s tour. However, second part was quite brilliant. I like the idea of using human’s voice for sound effect. Voice projection, good. In my opinion, as a teacher, I need to learn from Drama students on how to project voice rightly. Perhaps I can get Jules tips of this. Herry likes the flow. I think.
I don’t like the plot. Since I’m a perfectionist, I look at all aspect, and plot is the crux of a production. I know they can do better. Props especially. Owh, I wish I to help them with the writings. So, I hope they can do better and recognise “Malaysia” as part of MARJON since we are the biggest group of international students in here, and our lecturers had been here for a long time ago and I think Malaysian Government has build a good rapport with MARJON for a long time.

Enough of that. Too many things today. I rushed home (since it’s just a few steps from drama theatre) and eat a lot. And now, my stomach is full and tight. Hwargh. I think I can’t do tarian gelek for pakcik BTB since perut sudah boroi =P

4 thoughts on “Of respect and reconciliation

  1. My friend who works as a postman here was really angry when some kids taunted him by saying “paki go home” and he is a Malay. 😉

  2. i don’t know why he shud be that angry but paki is extremely offensive word. he’s a sensitive guy who wants to preserve peace. altough its being said to a malay, but still, offensive. i wonder y cant we just respect each other’s origin? shall we breed hybrid race?

    pakistani+anglo saxon=paxon?

    i’m looking forward to make this world a better place to live. i wish. how i wish.

  3. chill babe!!!

    i had a busy day too…

    8pm: bangun..gayut skjap
    10am -7pm: Library
    7-9pm: makan..chatting jap
    9-11pm: reading!!!
    11pm: gayut..then tido..

    wow…wat an interesting life i have!!! T_T

  4. Im browsing my own blog wif my mobile phone.bole rupanya.igtkn blog azhar je bole.

    To kakak pokok ceri©: heheh.thanks.tu blum jd real cikgu lg kan?kan? Kalau jd menteri pelajaran lg la bz kan? Heheh.

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