Update: Nottingham Games 2006

So, as promised, I updated (a bit! haha~) about Nottingham Games 2006.

Notts game is the biggest platform for Malaysian students to meet in UK. Apart from showing your talent in sports and compete for the Piala Pusingan, meeting with friends is one of its agenda. I never knew I met with my schoolmates. I didn’t even know that they are right here in UK.

Another friend of my friend, Nizam, looking a bit different (jangan marah ek doc~), makes me think this world is small. Why? He knows my friend, which means, actually we know each other.
A triangle. Wow~ Isn’t that awesome?

I even met my junior 😀
She was calling me when they were taking pictures. I felt so terharu. But since they (she and her friends) look damn busy, I get to her later. Guess what? Another evidence that this world is small.

Bla3. I know you won’t like this entry. It is plain dry. But hey, I’m trying my best to blog after I finished my assignment. ~whew~

So, the total number of attendees is: 5286.

Ministers in house:

Y.B. Dato’ Hishammuddin bin Tun Hussein 
Y.B. Dato’ Shafie bin Haji Apdal
Y.B. Datuk Mustapa bin Mohamed

* Can you imagine? 3 ministers in a place at one time in UK? Whaddaya think? Instead of me, they are having reunion too. 

Enough about Notts Game. Today is quite a busy day. *sigh* tomorrow will be too. 

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