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I have posted 3 entries for different blog today (check out my profile if you want to read them. IF.). This is the third one. Bear with me. O yeah, I mess with 3 people also, eh wait, aren’t they mess with me? Three. A magic number for this week.

Why do I choose “unveil the veil” title for this entry? This is an entry, or reflection I would say, for Marrick’s poem. Well, I feel what Marrick wrote was quite true though it’s politically opinionated which has made my ears went red. For me, the veil can be the object which covers you, and also your attitude for being a hypocrite. Yes, the hijab and the hypocrite person. Since 9/11 (remember the show ‘rescue number 911’? is it just a coincidence?) the world (majority) relates islam with terrorism. Marrick isn’t wrong. He even says he has Muslim friends who don’t have any characteristic of terrorist. The way he thinks like that is because media is showing that kind of image of Islam. I don’t blame them all. I feel sorry for them as they do not know much about Islam.

More news about veil wearing in UK.


I really feel like beating a drum tomorrow (literally and figuratively). I want to express my anger. Dienka also said “Owh, you look like this but actually you like rock eh?”. Yeah. I love rock music, big time. It expresses my anger and love most of the time. Not long-winded like a rhapsody or symphony. I’m not saying that they are not good but they are so not-focus music piece. You know what I’m saying. It’s like a person who wants to say that he wants to go out with you but goes on like “Do you have anything to do this weekend? Are you going out to anywhere? Do you have any plan? Will you go out with si polan and si polan? Bla3”. Quite annoying innit? Just talk straight to the point laa macha!


Yesterday’s creative writing session was quite ‘pain in the brain’ (Daisy, 2006) at first, but when it comes to practical session, I feel like I did a good job. She said “good” and “superb”. Huu~ Dienka also says that the poem which I send for the Respect Festival is good. She said it’s strong. I don’t know how’s that. I really don’t know. What I wish is for the best as it (the poem) speaks out for me.

Another interesting that happened to me yesterday was Marrick did an Egyptian hieroglyph of my name. Mine looks nice. I’ll asked from Marrick the paper next time and scan it and paste it in here. Insya Allah. I never knew my name looks nice in Egyptian hieroglyph.


Another event which is happening right now is the preparation for Eid or Hari Raya. It’s quite cold right now and I can’t wear baju kurung justlike that, needs long john inside to make me warm. This gives me an idea to design a baju kurung which can be worn in cold-climate country. Don’t know when the prototype will be published, perhaps in a very long time.

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  1. huhuh, sory farah. selagi ia tak di publish, takleh laa nk publish ia kat internet. nnt hak eksklusif penerbit hlg. tah cmane tah. lpe sdh kak nisah ckp cmane. kre mcm jgn kasik lagu kt internet sblm kua album. aa camtu laa yg i want to say.

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