ainee is a rock chick

I had fun playing drums today (and I still feel like playing it again). Well, if i have a band, I would play the drum. Spreading my anger via the drum sticks (not the chicken body part ok?). BTW, thanks for visiting my blog, Dienka.

Blogthings says that if I were a rocker, I would be a glam rocker. Something like Scissors Sisters+Suede+Duran Duran. LOL.

Ainee is a Glam Rocker!

You put the “show” in rock show with your larger than life self.
No doubt, you are all about making good music…
But what really gets you going is having an over the top show.
Glitter, costumes, and wild hair are your thing – with some rock thrown in!

O yeah, I had finished the recording and copied it in the CD. There are 3 parts:

I: last week’s work. using garbageband software of macbook and some people said it sounds good (I send it to 3 people only, heheh).

II: experiment:not much. very short. don’t know what to say.

III: using keyboard to record “doe a dear” song. sounds like kids playing for school caremony.

The testimonials from the 3 people:

ina (my housemate who gave me the music notes for ‘doe a dear’s song): eh, okei la tuh .

blusmurX: bagaimana intro boleh begitu hebat sekali?
blusmurX: why why?
blusmurX: oh
blusmurX: talented.
blusmurX: tp seriously , u’re talented.
blusmurX: boleh la collab dgn i pasni.

alilXaki (19/10/2006 20:06:28): awal2 sounds mantap
alilXaki (19/10/2006 20:07:38): huhu
alilXaki (19/10/2006 20:07:43): yg awal2 serius mantap
and this person has promised me something–>
alilXaki (19/10/2006 20:09:28): ok kak aini
alilXaki (19/10/2006 20:09:39): saya nak g latih nasyid
alilXaki (19/10/2006 20:11:16): klu recording kite org sedap
alilXaki (19/10/2006 20:11:26): sy bg akak

Wanna hear them? Get it here. Do comment.

4 thoughts on “ainee is a rock chick

  1. yeah da first one rocks! like it soo much… but yg third part to i have to agree wit u dat it sounds like kids playing for school ceremony… hehe… anyway gud try… jelesh la leh men drum… neva play any my whole life

  2. farah: drum is soooo cool~ ur a rock chick aren’t u?

    ncg: owh, tu bonus utk kategori anugerah tokoh guru kebangsaan tahun 2020.

    BTB: alala~bg chance la kt sy yg br nk blaja nie pakcik oii~hee hee~selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin ek~

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