i had but i cancel it

I was about to write about something, but shit happens (it always happen innit?) and what I want to tell you people is, I felt positive and cheerful all day. Suddenly, this fated evening, shit happens and I had burden and torture Azwan as I yelled and screamed and crying (erk, sum mo his nick is cry4freedom what~) to him. Haha. Sorry dude. You’re the victim since you know about it. OMG. I can’t believe it. I thought I just gained profit from Amazon, and I thought I’m going to have a series of fortunate events, but suddenly, shit happens and kaboom~ I feel sorry for the people who come to my blog and read this crap. So bloody sorry. And you too Azwan. Hwargh!!

4 thoughts on “i had but i cancel it

  1. Sudah2 , jangan nangis lg. Hopefully mamat tu refund balik 78 usd u ok? I’ll pray for you 🙂

  2. huu 🙁

    i feel so sad~ im sorry for being me~ this is what’ll happen when i got shits~ hwargh~

  3. yo yo..babe~~~ wats up??

    aku yg nak throw tantrums…ko plakk yg wat dulu..huhu…ni apa nih~~~ potong line tol le…huhu

    anyway, u ok?

  4. Dah ainee. Dah tertulis camtu… Terima jer segala yang telah berlaku dengan hati yang kudus…

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