Bila kesibukan menjengah hidup

Next week I’m going to be totally busy. Perhaps Wednesday is the only day that I don’t have class. I’m going to Woodfield Primary School in Whitleigh. The route is quite unfriendly. About half hour by bus, and after that I need to walk about 560 metres, uphill *sigh* This holy month of Ramadhan, where the cold weather bites, and the whole day school session, I bet it’ll make me exhausted. I hope the kids will not be as energetic as the Key Stage 1 kids (I hope).

Tomorrow I’m going to the school with Hanis. I hope my bad expectation will be gone. Listen ti Hanis’ story, it sounds cool. Well, hope is a thing with feather (read and understand Emily Dickinson’s poem).

5 thoughts on “Bila kesibukan menjengah hidup

  1. gambatte kudasai 🙂

    make sure u bwk air mineral siap2 dlm beg takut nnt nak collapse ke kalau naik bukit tu. hik hik

  2. heii, puasa lah! laen laa i raya ms ramadhan, lalala~ i dh g skolah tu arini, huhuh, kne panjat bukit, x larat dowh~ tercungap2 napas sblm smp klas. nnt smp klas selasa nie, sure i x larat nk lyn dak2 tuh. huhuh.

  3. huhuk, meja die lg rendah dr lutut i lah. cmane nie, nk msk lutut pon x muat~ huhuh~ susah gak nk cover~

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