Selling some books [ad=review]

Too many good books to be kept and so little space that I have. I have listed few books at Amazon and wishing that these books will benefit others since I have limited space in my bedroom. Search for it at These are the books that I have listed:

Other women: Sounds like Sri Diah’s novel, but happens in UK. It’s true, sometimes you fell out of wedlock and sanity because of external temptation. A good book for women. I like the front cover catchy yet cynical phrase; friendship can be a treacherous game.

Life Swap: I noticed this book’s ad while I was in the tube. Londoner always have book or paper with them whenever they are in the tube. Sadly, Malaysians don’t have both while riding LRT. Enough about the culture, this book is quite interesting as it’s about 2 women who think “grass is always greener on the other side”. They swap their life, families, job, lifestyle, etc. This books doesn’t frustrate me. I like the ending although it’s stereotype happy ending, but the definition of happiness is different from the early chapters of the book. Worth reading.

Scissor Sisters: I had a good bargain when I bought this book. It’s still new. Very fresh. Suitable for those who love Scissor Sisters band and want to know who they are. Americans who came to UK and make big time in foreign country. Their music is accepted worldwide, and they are the best pop band currently. However, this is not an official autobiography by the members. It is written by Alex Hannaford with wide background reading from various media.

Rescuing Rose: Sometimes ‘Agony Aunts’ have their own problem themselves. Men in her life says that Rose (main character in this novel) wants to be an agony aunt just because to satisfy her imperfect background history since many Agony Aunts (or Uncles) come from a tattered childhood. She was divorced, she just bought a new house, her fiscal is unstable and her column is being ‘hijacked’ by her editor.

Well folks, my price is the lowest and I hope it will soon be bought. Good news, I make them available for international shipping except for Rescuing Rose. However, if you want to buy it, I can change it’s delivery destination. My seller id in Amazon is as same as my YM id. Have fun with reading.


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