Cliffnotes Tips: Options for English Majors (bullet points)

Options for English Majors

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English is not a vocational major that prepares you for one particular job (like an accountant, for example). Instead, a degree in English provides you with a broad range of skills useful for any number of careers. Skills that make you a good job candidate include the ability to:

  • Think critically and solve problems
  • Write and speak effectively
  • Edit someone else’s writing
  • Express your creativity in any number of ways (design a brochure, write a campaign letter, reorganize an office, and others)
  • Learn new information quickly
  • Work well with others
  • Develop hypotheses, research data, and interpret and summarize data
  • Organize ideas and information

With these skills, English majors have achieved success in a variety of fields, including writing, editing, publishing, teaching, public relations, technical writing, paralegal and legal, marketing, consulting, business, government, museums, libraries, and more.

Explore these and more career options in What Can You Do with a Major in English?, by Shelley O’Hara, and brought to you by the experts at CliffsNotes.

My own additional notes:

  1. If you learn English as second language, you can also be a translator, for books, movie subtitles and plenty more. Especially best selling books, who knows your name will be under JK Rowling’s.
  2. Write your own memoir, who knows one day it’ll be as hot as Arthur Golden’s.
  3. Scriptwriter for those who have creative ideas and good writing skills. Name it: drama, stage play, TV series, children’s theatre, etc. Who knows you might be the next Marc Cherry.
  4. Emceeing. Our market needs high-proficient speaker for official caremony, public events, etc. Who knows you will be proposed by Radio producer.
  5. Anchorman/anchorwoman: I would say this field has a good prospect since there is a competition among broadcasting companies. Who knows you will be the next Normala Samsudin and be a ‘Datin’.

Opting for English widens your job prospect and produce multi-talented people. Good luck!

Resources: Cliffnotes, Copyright © 2000-2006 by Wiley Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved.

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  1. haih~~~ adik oii…ko mmg dah amik english ler..just takleh nak pilih keje jek..cekgu pun cekgu ler..=P

    mana ada linguist tulis blog in bullet points..=P engineer mmg pemalas tahap gaban nak membaca..haih~~~

  2. hahah anhorwomen? dulu2 pnah berangan gak… but now dh tak trase pon… org ckp dunia ituh penuh pancaroba..ewah… but still i prefer tp be in dis education field…tgk la wpon kontrak kita dgn government 3 thn je…yay dh dipendekkn

  3. now kontrak dh dipendekkan laa kak oii. kte xtau sbb lecturer xdtg sinieh. 3thn jerk. ala kalo stakat 2 thn dok uk pon trase kjap, mgkn 3 thn tu xde pape sgt. leh wat master (if i get a good degree la, Insya Allah)…
    Kita mesti buktikan bahawa walaupun kita cikgu, namun kita ni multi-task person, siapa kata cikgu tak hebat? Siapa kata TESL laku utk jd cikgu saja? heheh. we’re as smart as doctors, wut… it’s just that, we have a better social life. innit? ngehngeh (abes aa kne marah ngan dokter yg garang itu lg..)

  4. o yer, engineer mmg pemalas pon. too many living-prooves bak kata orang puteh. aih~ why laa?? porke?? (haha, someone mistaken porke=pork)

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    jawapan nye ada d tgn anda……..

  6. anon.

    yer, rate2 engineer mmg pmalas. malah, ade yg bgitu smgt nk wat blog konon nk memantapkan bahasa inggeris, siap mntk tlg sy check kan grammar die, last2 de kate “tanak la blog2, trase cam pompuan laks”. huh. dasar engineer pemalas.

    arieyos@abg best:
    thank u! hee hee 😀

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