Movie Review: Solaris and Lagaan

Solaris: A sci-fi movie that is starred by George Clooney. It said to be though provoking but I dare to say that it is ‘mind numbing’ since the plot is slow, you can’t trace flashback and sometimes you need to strain your ears since the actors/actresses are like whispering. I even need to use the subtitle for hearing-impairment because my PC can’t go any louder. I slept halfway anyway. I rarely sleep for a movie but a dull one. The music makes me feel sleepy either, plus, there’s not really a music. The ending, frustating I would say. I recommended this movie for aeronautic people and men who do not want kids. I don’t really upset with this movie since it’s George Clooney =P. I give this movie 2 stars out of five. (2/5) *Most press give it B, some Cs.

Lagaan: It is based on 1893 setting, where India was ruled by ‘White people’. Although this movie runs for 3 hours, the drop-dead-gorgeous actor and enthusiaisic Aamir Khan, will make you wide awake. I’m sure it changes your mind a bit about Hindi movie. But still, Hindi movie ALWAYS have happy ending. That one I am pretty sure, will not change for about another decade. For the synopsis, you can read it from here.

What I like the most about this film is, the make-up, very natural. It suits 1893’s setting. It does not emboss its actress much. She (played by Gracy Singh) is absolutely looks like a normal rural girl. Not too beautiful (too beautiful like Aishwarya, which makes us distracted from the movie) yet charming. Nude colours, natural tan (yeah, oily and bronze colour looks best on Aamir Khan) and you’ll barely notice they are wearing any. The plot does not merely involves love relationship, although there is, but not like other Hindi movies, which main focus is the love story. I would say the percentage is just about 35%. No wonder it receives nomination for best foreign movie in Oscar. Rarely we can see a Bollywood movie in Oscar. Besides, this movie has victoriously stole 33 awards. I am sure that your sportmanship will be uplifted as you watch this. It’s about injustice, loyalty to your motherland, teamwork, social status, disability discrimination and corruption.

This time, a Hollywood movie has been defeated by a Bollywood movie. If you need to choose between these two, I suggest Lagaan. It’s worth your 3 hours. Really. While Solaris, it has taken 2 precious hours from my life. I wish I can claim back from them.

4 thoughts on “Movie Review: Solaris and Lagaan

  1. I don’t really upset with this movie since it’s George Clooney =P.

    Elo dik Sinee, ade grammar mistke tu…you shud say,”I wasnt really that upset about the movie coz it’s a george Clooney’s.”

    oke…terima kasih..tumpang lalu ye, dik Sinee…

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