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I used to have 2 blogs last time. That was a long time ago, and I abandon it. There’s this one private blog, I did not advertise and promote it, however being managed to find out by this one blogger chick. kantoi ~huhuh~

Last time stick to blog with Friendster (FS) because it’s easy as I just need to login to my friendster account, and just type whatever thing that I want. It’s quite convinient too as it informs my friends about blog updates. However, one day, I was so pissed of with the capability of FS’s blog, such as photo posting, template designing and few other shits that I encounter while blogging using FS’s blog. Since then, I bid goodbye to my FS blog.

What happened in between the period of frustation with FS blog? I do blog hopping. Inspired by local blogs, enthusiastic and outspoken blogospheres, full-with-principles journalists, even Malaysian famous literati (check out the links at the right side). Inspired, motivated, supported by few advantages that I’ll get if I do much blogging such as these, and I started the new one (at blogspot) after 5th month I came here :

  1. I’ll increase my typing speed.
  2. I’ll improve my reading speed as I do blog hopping.
  3. It’s one of the writing skills practise.
  4. It’ll help me in my assignment (in case of maximising word limit) as I learned to write a load of crap.
  5. Get to know what others think as well and learn from them (hot to write greatly)
  6. Learn to write coherently and making sense of my ideas.
  7. Learn how to express my ideas in words.
  8. Enlarge my vocabulary database.
My blogging is meant to be shared and criticised and read. Then my friend told his story about his hardship of expressing his thoughts in FS’ blog. He was stalked somehow. There are people who are suppressing his freedom of writing and political preferences. What a shame. I can’t believe that there are people who claim that they are Malaysians that practice democracy still doing that kind of unproffesional act? Duh~ I feel ashamed somehow. Looks like we’re practising prehisctorical politics. Do whatever you can including immoral act to make your enemy collapse.

Lately, I saw many of my friends have started blogging. I hope they’ll get the same benefit as I do and also to use the freedom of speech (can be considered freedom of writing in this context) wisely. I also wish that my fellow blogosphere will widen their reading and not to believe in one particular report (or whatever written form that gives information) but to have read as many resource as you can that comes with valid and reliable evidence. I’ve encountered so many modified news and reports. What a shame. We’re turning into Americans. Manipulated by the media. I don’t want to be one of the fool and I hope you’ll not too. Have fun with blogging!

5 thoughts on “Of blogging

  1. haaa…i know know!! i know who find ur secret blog and whats the address!!!! ok sapa nak tau buzz me kat YM k??? hehehe…i can keep it a secret if u go and buy some flower, butter n sugar..=) and make some berry pie!=p

  2. hah! i shall not obey to bribery.

    like the malaysian policemen’s badge nowadays says:

    saya anti rasuah.

    ps: i already deleted that blog long time ago.

    hahaha~~u guys cant find it anyway pon.

    ^_^ lalala ^_^

    tak takot~~~

  3. mr yos…u want to know wats going on??i can tell u…hehe… let me know if u r interested to know k..its a secret. =P

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