pee ‘em ass

moaning monday again!

my day started badly. there are shits everywhere but it soon swept away. met my mak tiri for 4 hellish hours. 5 in fact, i stayed at class during lunch hour. sigh. then bla3 went to asda wif abg ijan n pr3ttych3rry. bought cute motion toothbrush. bla3. i picked wildberries with pr3ttych3rry. then, i learned how to make jacket potato but i think it turns out to be a bit like mashed potato. don’t blame me!! me new. me needs experience. erkm, for further query about the recipe, ask this hot chef. me so malas to write it down. at the end of my day, the hot chef shown a nice beautiful hot wildberry pie. the end.

*o yeah, today’s experience (this early morning to be exact) has inpired me to wrote 2 piece of poems.

2 thoughts on “pee ‘em ass

  1. oit….apa hal la ko nih?? prob tol la..huhu.. buat baik la ngan mak tiri ko tuh..blajor blajor la sayang kat dia..kang tahun dpn dpt dia jadik supervisor baru tau..ngeh ngeh ngeh..aku tolong gelak jah..hehehe =P

  2. kalo mak tiri cun lagi glemer kaya cam siti nurhaliza sy leh terime. supervisor? kalo camtu, super laa result sy nnt. muahaha~~~ she’s pushy but i think i need people like her kot

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