Not-so-wonderful Wednesday (and Tuesday)

Part I

Yesterday(Tuesday) I prohibited myself from internet-surfing, however, I was beaten badly by my own sleepiness. I usually carried away when I go online. Blogging, blog hopping, eBay-cum-window-shopping, playing games, YM-ing, and the list goes on. Give me Mozilla Firefoz (no IE please, they are so slow and user-unfriendly), but still, the time that I take to surf the internet cannot be deducted. Looks like technology has helped me to discover more fun of the internet eh? OK, my plan did not work yesterday. I fell asleep while I was studying. Heck! What a lazy girl am I. After that, I even played PC game (sim theme park). Darn! When did I study? Before I sleep. That’s it. I have wasted my lovely evening with sleeping and playing. I didn’t even sign into YM to avoid the temptation of YM-ing (konon laa). At last, I did something else jugak. Hurm. Don’t know what will I get for the test.

Part II

Wednesday, bloody windy. Need to wake up earlier because TrayC’s class started at 9.30. Full attandance for today’s TEYL class because of the test. Hee hee.


What is done is done. Many said it’s not easy. I agree. But somehow I know how to answer it, maybe the exposure of Bolitho’s book I guess. What will be, will be. I have made little effort, prayed, did attend for the test and answered it, the rest is Allah’s power. Lead us not into temptation again, Amen.

2 thoughts on “Not-so-wonderful Wednesday (and Tuesday)

  1. ceih~ tak tahan godaan tul~ hehehe~
    btw gud luck for your test~
    the results is less important than the knowledge you’ve gained through the process~
    that is IF you study la~ instead of main games~~ hehehehe~~

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