of [wild] attitude and halle [berry]

sunday was not-so-good day anyway but I had a good laugh for the stupidity that I experienced with you-know-who (cam harry potter lak). haha. wanna know what i did on monday after went to library? read pr3ttych3rry’s.

i got another ad from poetry.com. it asked me to buy my own poem that has been recorded and put into CD and they’ll commemorate

sigh. better go for blogging. ada satu pertandingan blog bahasa melayu yang dianjurkan oleh kempen bulan bahasa 2006 (tiba-tiba saja tukar bahasa). Tapi dah terlepas. at that time my blog was very scratchy. not much topic. no identity. not even glamour. baru nak bertatih laa bak kata bahasa sedap orang melayu. senarai penuh pemenang bersama blog di sini.
psst: to miss pr3ttych3rry, ader blog name srikandy laar. she got 6 malay books from TOP notch writers and a Creative Zeon Neno Plus MP3 player. jealous x? consolation prize jer tu.

about halle berry, tak berkaitan sebenarnya. it’s just that when k.eQin wants to google for ‘berry’ image, she got results of halle berry instead. not berry the fruit. LOL. sajer nak letak catchy title jer tuh.

may tomorrow will be better.


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