lucky emo punk

a good day trip to carboot. bought couple things with 3 pounds.

  1. 3 books for 50p (husbands by adele parks/Rescuing Rose by Isabel Wolff/The Family Way by Tony Parsons)
  2. 1 single and 1 CD for 1 pound
    (Sum 41 “in too deep” single/Smash it up! (punk bands compilation)
  3. 4 games CD for 1.50 pound
    (Theme park wold/The FA premier league stars/Thief/Gangsters)

Worth it? 8 items for 3 pounds? I guess so. I got what I want and what I like.
However, I can’t find bike for senah. Sian she, needs to go to work by jalan kaki.

Time to TOL for Lesley’s stuff *sigh*

ps: I think my interest for carboot blooms~~

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