Of respect fest and racism

Yesterday was fun yet tired for me. After watching the advanture-comedy Pirates of Carribean, then faa, snah and me walk about 20 minutes to the train station. We waited for Dienka and others; Marrick the latecomer, came late as usual. So we depart with the 6pm’s train. I try not to sleep although I feel quite exhausted, because I want to enjoy the view of the sea, from the glass panel of the coach’s window. The journey was OK since I didn’t much impressed by the sea view. Plus, I got headache as I inhaled cigar’s smoke while walking in city center. Sigh. I know this journey is not going to be a so-much-fun-it-had-to-be journey.

Arrived in Exeter St Davis station around 6 pm, walking to the Exeter city center for about 20 minutes, feel relieved when we found the place. They were about to have dinner in the bar, then faa, senah and me made some excuse, went out to the city center, finding a bench, we ate in fron of an underground gig place. We had free music and food too! The city was nice. The buildings look like ala Elizabethan and Victorian style. Very nice. They have Starbucks either (which what Plymouth doesn’t have BUT Plymouth is going to have it around this December when the shopping mall in Drake Circus is opened). It’s quite nice, seeing the stone and brick road, and it feels like entering Sherlock Holmes’ time. Thee hee hee.

Then at 8 pm, the emcee started the caremony by introducing the creative writers from Exeter University. They declaimed their poems in monotonous way, however, the poems were great; but I think it is more suitable to be read in anthology or other written form.

Then there’s dreadlock. He is beyond my expectation. That’s what I want. He hip-hop, rap and rhyme and pun. He’s super cool. I think he’s the coolest poet I’ve ever met. Very outspoken. Very sarcastic, yet, very honest. It’s my first time seeing a perfomance of ‘slam poetry’. I still remember one of his poem about prejudice; “why do we have different colours? Even aliens have 12 shades of grey”. Funny but true. He said he comes from a race called ‘humanrace’ but later people begin to classify and categorise themselves according to their skin colour.

Dreadlockalien comes from intermarriage. He is an Anglo Indo Carribean. Since chilhood, he knows how does it feel to be in between world. He neither Jamaican nor English. His grandfather like crickets and another one likes rugby. He likes both games and so his grandads both like him. However, living in between means there’s no black and white. It’s grey and it’s tough to be in between white and black.

Now, I feel inspired and got so much to say and I have so little time. I don’t know where to start but I think it will be the best if I can start writing up some simple poems, just to prepare for the next creative writers writing. I really want to improve my poem-writing skills. Hope that one day, our country will not run out of good poets and quality literature.

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