World Cup 2006’s ending

Aww~~looks like the fun WC is going to end soon. And I’m going to go through it again in next 4 years. However, I feel so happy when France managed to go to final. Yeah! I know they can make it. They’re going to tug with Italy (in here they pronounce: ‘ie-a-li’ *silent T). This night’s game was fantastic. Although Zidane’s kick was not as superb as Henry, but still, I love that frail old man. He’s talented. Received award for best player is what he deserve. I don’t know whether he will receive the best player recognition again, but it will be the best memory for him before he retire from football arena. I’m going to miss him I think. Not like the sissy drama papas. Huh! I hate him for acting so much on field. SHE should be an actor I think. I agree with Kak eQin’s idea that THEY (you know who) have drama class during Wednesday.
Forget about their immature bahaviour on global stage of the world’s most prestigious game. Let us wait for the best from the final game. As craved on my chest, I will give my entire heart to support France this time. Henry! Bonne chance!! Let us wait for Pasta Bake vs French Toast game. Mamma mia! Va Va Voom!! Which one will shine?? Definitely not sunshine this time..

*sorry la azim, you can’t see your favourite team playing for final this time. Now it MY team’s turn to shine in the limelight of World Cup.


3 thoughts on “World Cup 2006’s ending

  1. yesh yesh…WC ends soon…T_T

    have to find something else to amuse me….huhuhu…

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