Stairway to Heaven

This drama made me cry like hell.I don’t know it will be this sad. I tried to finish to watch it in 4 days but I end up to watch the ending at the 6th day since the day I started to watch it. So sad. It really depicts cinderella. I hate the stepmother so much. She’s the actress and managed to act goodie2 in front of Jung-suh’s father. Feel so geram. Right. This drama has taken all my tears and my sleep time. Hence, I leave you with some of my favourite script from the drama and the synopsis. Hope you like it as I do.

*When Jung-suh asked Song-Joo during the last time of her life. I can’t stop crying towards the end of the series. Urgh! What is their formulae huh??

Jung Suh: Oppa, i think people who love each other are destined to be together from birth.

Song Joo: yes, like you and me, they’re destined to meet.

Jung Suh: then parting ways is predestined too, right? So we should gladly accept it, right?

Song Joo: Yes, because we’re going to meet again.


*When Jung-suh met Yuri before she leave for good. Jung-suh meet the person who made her life bitter, stole her life and made she lost her eyesight for the last time, at the cell. I was touched by her kindness.

Yuri: I was so cruel to you, so why are you crying for me?

Jung-suh:I hate you. I’m human too. We all feel envy and jealousy inside. You’re not the only one. So don’t be too hard on yourself about the past.

Yuri:You dummy.

Jung-suh:You’re so bad.

Yuri: han jung-suh, I’m sorry.

(summarized by Krystalheart)
A story about Jung Suh (Choi Ji Woo) and her best friend Song Joo (Kwon Sang Woo). As childhood friends, Jung Suh and Song Joo held a special bond within their friendship that blossomed into love. Song Joo leaves to America to study abroad, leaving a sad Jung Suh behind. Jung Suh is left alone to suffer in the silent cruelty of her step sister, Yuri, and new step mother. All the while, Jung Suh tries to be nice to her new step brother, Tae Hwa, who in returns mistakes this friendship for affection. Tae Hwa falls in love with young Jung Suh. The love that heaven forbids and a tragic love story that starts to unfold from here. Full review.

What I learn from this drama is a love-relationship need:

~faith, hope and love~

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  1. hehehehe…suka gak ngan korean yer.bagus la muda2 dah pandai menulis…good job!!Jaga diri k.

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