Wilkommen: World Cup 2006 song

This year, and for the first time, three songs identify the more important soccer match of the world. ‘Celebrate the Day’ (original title: Zeit dass Zich was Dreht), by Herbert Grönemeyer , is the World Cup 2006’s anthem. The author is a recognized German rock musician who made the official anthem of the World Cup by request of the FIFA. Grönemeyer founded his first group in his 12 years and in 1974 it composed his first song. “Times of Our Lives” is the inaugural song written specially for The World Cup by renowned BMG Music Swedish songwriter Jörgen Elofsson, that will interpret the group Il Divo (Carlos Marín, David Miller, Sebastien Izambarg and Urs Buhler ) with Toni Braxton.
Colombian pop star Shakira will close the 2006 World Cup of football at Olympic stadium in Berlin, with a show before the final match in July. The lithe performer will play ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ from her ‘Oral Fixation Volume Two’ album alongside Haitian hip-hop artist Wyclef Jean. The song, like many written by the eclectic composer, is a mix of hip-hop, reggae and other tropical music. The performance date will be July 9, 10 minutes before kick-off time.

*Found this on you tube. To Kak Linda; dieses ist für Sie. genießen Sie.

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