to the one whom i love so much

i never met Him
but people talks
that He loves me
much than anyone ever
people talks
good things about Him
i never heard
people who met Him
dislike Him
people talks
how tough was He
people talks
how romantic was He
people talks
He’s perfect

i really regret
of doing things that He doesn’t like
i really regret
of not listening to His words
i really regret
of not giving back my love to Him
i really regret
of not practising a lifestyle
that He asked me to
i regret that
i betray Him by loving other guy

dear Allah,
i love Him so much
and i know He loves me more
but i know i dont deserve His love
i know He has the right not to admit me as somebody to Him
i know He have many people who can love Him more than i do
i know He have lots of best choices
i know i will not be the best among the best
i know i will not be even good enough for Him
im afraid He will think that im not fit for Him

what i know
i love Him so much
we never went for a date
He never treat me goods
we never have to declare this relationship
we dont even have to show off our relationship with a ring
He never knew my name
but I know He loves me

and im so sorry
for showing this *PDA
i love you so much
you are the best guy in my life

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