What? That’s my national anthem!

Whooops! There was once an issue being discussed in era.fm, about our national anthem. Should we change it to a new one which shows more ‘Malaysianism’? I found this song in the best download port. The song entitled Mamula Moon. Sounds like Hawaiian’s song. Really classic. produced in 1947 in an album called Paradise Isle. Romantic! Sang by Felix Mendelssohn and His Hawaiian Serenaders. But, which one comes first? Negaraku or this hawaiian romantic and soapy? It’s Moon song. *sigh* What I remembered in the history book that Negaraku ‘borrowed’ Perak state’s song, Terang Bulan.
I also found some fact in an encyclopaedia about Negaraku song:

“Negaraku” was selected as a national anthem at the time of the Federation of Malaya‘s independence from Britain in 1957. The title means My Country. The tune was borrowed from a popular song of that time, by EHandler:Terang Bulan, which was serving as the state anthem of Perak.
Source: absoluteastronomy encyclopaedia

And it also claimed that Terang Bulan originated from Indonesia. Who’s copying who? How come a national anthem have similarities with commercial song? Are we being original? After so many years kerajaan bermati-matian membanteras cetak rompak hingga ke peringkat nasional. But this? The song that we sing every week, every formal caremony, every sultans and ministers sing this. Do they know the fact?. Well, anyways, thanks to Mr Chip(or kepek), for finding this very old song. Gosh. We sing this song for ages. Since my grandad’s era. And now, it’s been like almost 60 years we sing the song.WHO ARE WE?

To hear the same version of Negaraku click here

Nota kakiku yg bersaiz 7: baru je romong post pasal jati diri.
aku pon lost gak skrg sape kita sebenarnya.

2 thoughts on “What? That’s my national anthem!

  1. itulah natijahnya bila Malaysia terlalu mudah mencapai kemerdekaan…hanya dengan peralihan kuasa bukan dengan pertumpahan darah yg hebat…maka tak hairan la kalau masyarakat kita tak ada semangat patriotik sejak awal merdeka…inikan pulak lagu negara…cincai kira la..

  2. ironi kan?dok heboh psl cetak rompak tp pd hakikatnya lagu negaraku sendiri cetak rompak lagu org laen sdh lbh dari setengah ABAD. *aduhai, negaraku~*

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