South Korea vs France

Well, firstly, I can’t choose between Henry and Jung Hwan šŸ˜›
Later, I realised that my love for Henry is much stronger.
As I watched, I managed to print hundreds pages for Subject Knowledge documents.
Didn’t glue to the monitor so much.
Busy arranging papers and punching (for the hole, OK?)
Hundres pages I printed
Hundres need to be arranged
Hundreds need to be punched
Henry’s goal was easy at first.
Then I went to the laundry to pick up my clothes
(I’ve left it for like an hour something..)
Then I heard from my neighbour’s radio that there was 18 minutes left
At that time France was still leading 1-0.
Then I rushed.
I ignored my laundry.
Hurriedly watch the game for last minutes.
Then Faa and Alin merrily shout.
I frustated.
Stood behing my loyal fan, trying to cool down.
Korean MU’s player stabilised the score.
10 minutes left.
Verdict: Frustating game.
Like what Alin said; “pemain France ramai yang tua-tua”.
I agreed “Yelah, Viera, Barthez”.
(Ops I forgot Zidane)
He’s hair declining, compared to last four years.
Looks like he don’t have to visit to barber anymore.
I have a big faith that Switz will play well. If they won.
Au revoir Les Blues.
Second time in a big stage, witnessed globally .

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