Do you understand pregnant woman?

I’ve never experience pregnancy before. This time around I’ve had fever, chesty cough and stuffy nose. But I dare not to take any drug because according to the writings, whatever that mummy eat, she’ll share it with the child. So, I don’t want my child to be drug addict.

Second thing I notice was I like to drink orange juice from Peel Fresh. The one in carton. Not in the plastic container. That one tastes different and not as nice as the one in carton. Some of my colleague say that my child will be a man. Hmm. I wonder.

Third, I notice that I easily cry, easily touched. I am not the person whom you can bring into a discussion. Whatever sensitive thing that my husband said, I prone to cry. Oh, whenever I feel stress or sad, I had stomachache. Are pregnant women behave like this?

I really hope my pregnancy experience will be smooth-sailing. During this stage, is also an important to raise a child. There’s a hadith I encountered when listening to Semanis Kurma TV9.

“Tahukah engkau siapakah orang yang mandul.” Berkata para sahabat : “Orang yang mandul ialah orang yang tidak mempunyai anak.” Lalu Rasulullah SAW berkata : “Orang yang mandul itu ialah orang yang mempunyai ramai anak tetapi anak-anaknya itu tidak memberi kemanfaatan kepadanya sesudah ia meninggal dunia.”-(Maksud Al-Hadith )

My mom told me to recite Al Quran a lot during pregnancy. So that my baby will be a soleh/solehah one. It’s tough to raise a child nowadays where hedonism and materialism take place.

Now, do you understand pregnant woman?

One thought on “Do you understand pregnant woman?

  1. Women were not meant to be understood, especially pregnant ones..found this somewhere..
    1. Women are like the Opera … Beautiful, amazing and everyone is paused and in silence just to admire them.
    2. Women are like college … they make you realize what you want in life and how to change to get it.
    3. Women are like your morning coffee … they wake you up and get you on your feet.
    4. Women are like a night club … they are open to everyone but deny stupid lookin people.
    5. Women are like the morning paper … always on time
    6. Women are like a 4-leaf clover … in this day in age, very hard to find
    7. Women are like music … always cheer you up when you are down
    8. Women are like a shiny coin … they catch your eye and are the most beautiful thing you have seen in a while.
    9. Women are like Hallie’s Comet … they come around very seldom but when they do, you dont wanna miss it.
    10. Women are like your mother … the only person in her world that matters is you and she will be there no matter how far, how cold or how long it will take.
    Congratulation dear! Cheers!

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