Review: Robin Hood

Between Iron Man 2 and Robin Hood, I choose Robin Hood because it is historical (some say it’s mythical) but I believe it is partly true because Robin had lived in disguise.Robin Hood provokes issues and some thinking.

During my childhood, I watched Robin Hood and his merry men on TV. The story of a witty bandit robbing the rich to give the poor is heroic. This time around Ridley Scott brings a different version of Robin Hood. I thank Ridley Scott for making my grey matter gets going as I watch his movie.

*Warning: Spoiler*

Robin Hood is no longer young. He has wrinkles but still muscly. His voice is deep and husky. A manly voice. He haven’t lost his accuracy when aiming and shooting. Robin Hood is starring Russel Crowe and Cate Blanchett.

At the beginning of the movie, Robin Longstride had accidentally taken a responsible to announce the death of Richard the Lion Heart. He planned to escape later with his merry men but he had taken the responsibility to announce the death of Robert Loxley of Nottingham. Thus, the plot brings him to know Lady Marion (Cate Blanchett) and Sir Walter Loxley. The aristocrat who is poor due to tax extortion.

Then he pretended to be Sir Loxley because Walter doesn’t want Marion lost her land. They were happy to feed their staff. However, when john becomes a King, he wanted to double the tax. People were unhappy. They already gave their everything for Richard’s war and his adventure to overseas. They were having inflation. A traitor used this chance to disunite English people and plotted an attack from France. This situation gives an example of how a sweet-tongue person can be as cunning as he can be. This kind of person is dangerous to national security.

He used the power given by King John and used 200 soldiers from France to use violence in collecting taxes. Many innocent people died and this creates anger among aristocrats. Therefore they plan Civil War against King John. This is the most crucial part when Robin Longstride aka Sir Robert Loxley played an important part to unite English people and win the war. Fuh! I really like the sound effect and the camera that bobbed up and down. As if the sword duel was not done by stuntman and makes me believe that there was no cut during the fighting scene. Ridley Scott is awesome. I laughed quite a number of times. And what I like the most was, there was no sex scene but just kissing. Suitable as a history class material. *cough*

I believe the complete, concise synopsis can be read from Wikipedia. What I learned from this movie was:

  1. People have power to overthrown the King.
  2. We must never give up to fight for our right
  3. Good discussion will lead to good decission
  4. Convincing truthful rightful speech can win people
  5. Robin Hood is heroic because he save people
  6. Show no remorse to the people, you will no longer be in reign
  7. recession is not a good time to collect tax

Overall, I five 4 stars out of 5. I really like how Ridley Scott tells what happened to Robin Hood after he escaped from death punishment. It provokes me to investigate Robin’s life and re-learn English History (who says history is boring? it’s full of interesting stories that changes the world).

The war may have passed but as far as I’m concerned, I prefer Salahudin Al Ayyubi style of fighting. The Jerusalem which was bled by war before this, was taken back by Salahuddin¬† without shedding any blood at all. No wonder he is knows as the most merciful and compassionate person, even among his enemies.

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