Pumps vs stilettos

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I only have one pair of stilettos. Just for the sake of trying my ability to walk in 4 inches heels shoes. I can’t go around that much. Tried it once in Mid Valley. I end up swapping with another shoe that I purposely brought along, in case my feet hurt. My instinct was right and I was saved by my Hush Puppies. *phew*
People wonder how can I walk in stilettos. The answer is, of course, in pain. There are times we don’t mind the pain for the sake of having sexy pair of legs. We should not be a slave anyway. The shoe manufacturers do not provide insurance in the shoe box (insurance for arthritis case, or backache). I like to wear them because, while walking, my solemate gives some exercise to the feet.

Pumps work better. Suitable for big calf and big ankles. Pumps are just as sexy as stilettos. That’s what I call investment.

Uh oh, another story. My CR kitten heels were worn out.

In the end, he told me. “Look at me. I am wearing the shows for 6 years and I’m healthy, satisfied and happy”

“Mind to tell me what kind of shoes you’re wearing?”


“Yah! But you’re a boy. You don’t have to wear heels”

“You still can wear sneakers. We both have legs”

I rest my case.

Video:How to Walk in High Heels Stilettos from fashion technology.

3 thoughts on “Pumps vs stilettos

  1. stilettos are meant to be worn w short skirts and short shorts. coz they make your butt go high up, a little bit perky and all, and the strained calves, make each step look sexy as heck. aka as f**kme heels =p

    soooo, i think if we cover our legs and all, stilettoes dont really hv dat same effect, except maybe make our butts look a bit perkier hehe

    but yes, they hurt as hell. tho i can still wear a 4 inch heel to school and not die at the end of the day. tho by 2pm, im usually ready to trade those killer heels fr hell w a pair of comfy thongs. Flip flops la. what were you thinking huh?

  2. tazz: i wear it with my boot cut jeans. pergh. stilettos tu ai beli sekali je. nk merasa how wld it feel to walk in that kind of shoes. haha.

    koko: bole la u pinjam kasut datin. haha 😛

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