If I were a president

I was having random chat with him and suddenly came out this question.

“Why not you all elect me as a president? Nanti I lantik you jadi my vice president” *glee*

“tanak lah” with furstated tone.

“Why not?!”

“Because nanti you tukar sume benda dalam country ni jadik kaler pink. You have minister for Gucci, Prada. You have special ambassador for Paris Hilton. Kereta you nanti pink Cadillac diamond studded. Tanak lah.”

Huu… (-_-)

6 thoughts on “If I were a president

  1. hahahhaha!

    i was thinking bout the same thing tooo.

    you’ll have MakeOver day and its a holiday and we’ll change the flag into something pink. hahahhaha

  2. and each season we will hv new uniforms and this season will be wrap around dresses and jersey prints and shirt dresses.

    at least thats the trend for spring. I hate jcpennye ads! it makes me wanna go out n shop boo hoo.

  3. great ideas girls. haha. sorg je ckp nightmare. alalala ainishamsi 😛 i’ll give you scholarship further your study in fashion, nak?

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