I am annoyed by WP 2.7

I can’t use the word “hate”. But yeah, I know I always use that word indeliberately. My bf is an expert about “my” linguistic. It’s my term of endearment. You know, like “I am so annoyed by you but I don’t want to get angry because I love you”  kinda thing.

Oh. About WP 2.7. Apparently, WP developers improvethe dashboard in terms of organization. But heck, it’s even messier now. It’s a bit difficult to focus to write using WP 2.7 (ADHD people knows how annoying a clustered blog dashboard is! ) and this make me feel like blogging with Facebook’s note.

Right, I know it’s a bit better than 2.6.5. It’s widgetized. Drag and drop yada yada. The plugins have updated automatically but hey, I think they are too busy fixing nitty gritty stuff to the extent they are so disorganized and have messed up with the dashboard.  3 columns and too many boxes at the same time??

Let me explain my situation here. I am having difficult time not to look at my monitor screen to much or I’ll be distracted from writing this post. Thus, I typeby looking at the keyboard *bowing my head* and I’ll correct my typo letter. It’s kinda, I am looking at the keyboard and not synchronizing my eyes with the monitor. It’s so hard to focus with WP 2.7!

Alright, let me get this thing out of my chest. I love WP before this but 2.7 makes me feel like urgh!!! Geramnya!! Before this, I love you because of your simplicity but now, you’re as complex as women.

Oh, it’s not just me. This entry somehow explains the bad side of WP 2.7 in a subtle way. Oh, they’ve discuss about it in this forum as well. Sorry if I’ve spoiled your Christmas, WP!

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