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I still remember when I was eating with Azim (and his other 2 girlfriends–haip! jangan gosip ye), there was a booth, setup by Nescafe Kickstart. That time (was in UIA Gombak), I was interested to join but I just kept it to myself because I don’t think I’d be able to attend the audition and all. So, hereby I would like to share my dreams with my readers, because I am a person who have big dreams kuat berangan.

  1. I dream to be a wedding planner. I really like to see beautiful things and make others happy. I once talked to Omark (I think it was in summer 2007–right after I met Azim) about creating a software that will help brides and grooms to plan their wedding, including mixing and matching stuffs for their wedding. It gives a simulation how the wedding will look like basically. If you have particular items, and also about matching the outfit and the pelamin. And I would like to provide a portal that have the list of florist, bridal shop, tailor, etc (currently, I failed to find an effective Malaysian wedding portal, everything must go through difficult, traditional way). This idea, I got it from geek TV  show (the show that talks about computer software and game review) but then, my idea was rejected. Huu. 🙁
  2. I would like to have my own boutique. Busana Muslimah. And I would like to keep the designs in a CD (or any kind of IT-savvy way) so that my customers can find the design that they want easily. (currently H&M website is doing so. Even Topshop’s podcast has almost similar function).
  3. I want a bridal gallery, flower shop, gift-wrapping service, and perhaps a jewellery store. Is that too much? I want to be the tokeh who have many wedding-services-and-products franchises in Malaysia, where everyone would refer to, whenever they want to build a beautiful life with someone they love. Hiks.
  4. I want to expand my boyfriend’s business (by giving him more secure fund, more staffs, more computer suppliers, big spacious office, more investors, more clients, more money!), so that after this he can goyang kaki and spends more time with me. Hahah.

So yeah. I wish I can join Nescafe Kickstart Entrepreneur Edition and work out my dream because I want to make others look beautiful and be happy. 😀

PS: Jika anda mempunyai anak atau anak sedara yang kecil, jangan bagi mereka tengok cerita fairy tales banyak sangat. Kalau tak, inilah padahnya. Ahahaha!

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