What to do and bring to the beach

Me+swimming=happy. Went to Pangkor last week wif Ana, Durra and Nisa (tapi tak terjumpe Kak Red & family laa). Haven’t been to Pangkor for quite a while. So, been an orang laut, here are the tips that will make your beach vacation the best ever.


What to do at beach

If you are laid back style, you can chill, sunbathe, ogling people, bury your friend in sand, building sand castles, taking pictures, strolling at the beach, souvenir shopping, picnicking (not panicking! haha) and swim near the beach.

If you are adventurous and love to try new things, you may want to consider to have the experience of island hopping and see the exotic sea creatures and sea plants, snorkeling, crossing from the beach to the island when the tide is low, banana boat ride (not suitable for small kids),

And, these are the things you can do with your friends (big group) canoing, water rafting, telematch, cycling around the island, fishing, barbecue at the beach (best giler!) and of course, shopping for dried sea food!!


What to bring

  1. Beach sandal: penting wo, don’t wear your leathered Hush Puppies. Nanges kang
  2. mengkuang mat: so that you won’t have sandy bum and eat happily on it without feeling sandy.
  3. goggles: your eyes will be stung by salt water if you swim
  4. food: of course! swimming makes one hungry.
  5. swim suit: k, i have some tips here, if you want to wear tights, you should wear it from home so that you will not waste time changing it over there. For Muslimah, there are burqinis to be worn.
  6. Sunny: The most important, that will give your face coolest tan look. Choose the one that suits your face. You don’t want to look like a fashion victim right?
  7. Sunblock: self-explanatory.
  8. Waterproof bag or pouch: Important to protect your dollars, handphones and cameras.
  9. Baju salin, shower foam and tola (towel): get the one that is easy to be worn. don’t bring large tola, such a waste of space.
  10. water bottle: after swimming and gulping sea water, you may feel thirsty and have bitter taste in your throat. plus, hot sun will make you dehydrated.


Pikshures: I don’t have gadget to upload my pikshures yet, so just look at Kak Red’s mkay?

More tips: if it is a day trip, get out from the beach by 3 pm. Or you’ll be queuing with people who just checked out from the hotel and mind you, it’s a very long queue during school holiday.

(k, gtg, kne pass balik kompite kat adik bongsu aku yg meracau nak maen kompite)

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