I lost 2 kilos. yeay! Like my doctor said, it’s (diarrhoea) the fastest way to be slim (i had it for a week. woohoo!).

My hands were shaky because of the drug that I take. My mom thought I was having dengue. I thought I had TB. Screw the drug effect I experienced that makes my condition worse.

This person is trying to fork my money by selling spirulina (I’m selling it to anyone with cheaper price. Tell me if you’re interested). Another person is trying to sell transfer factor. Whatever it is, they’re taking advantage of sick people. Hwargh. It’s a very expensive price for one to be healthy.

I have to burden my mak by consuming her time and sick leave quota (dem i feel guilty). I have worried few people and delayed my course work. Urgh. I am sick of being sick.

2 thoughts on “mbek!

  1. I had diarrhoea on Monday during our AIS exam too!
    I was weak & bed-ridden the days before so I didn’t study.
    Thank God I felt better on Monday so could go for the exam…
    During the exam, I only went to the toilet once!

    Take k, Aini!

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