I lost my phone

Right. I lost my phone on my way from Kg Baru to IPBA. The story is, I probably didn’t realise it fell out from my jeans’ pocket, when I was in a cab, at night. Yeah. So I don’t have much life right now (because I depended on it for stress relief–calling and SMSing some people, camwhoring, wake up call, MMS, study business, contacting lecturers’ and many more). I kinda miss it really. Had been with it for quite a long time *sob* Probably it sulks with me, when I went to a phone shop and took a leaflet, and intended to buy a new one (fine, merajuklah!!). So, not much life without a phone. Just wait till I have a new one. But I won’t change my beautiful phone number. Just needed your help to gain your contact numbers back. Leave me ur phone number k!


My last moment with k700i–see how much I cling to it.

Oh BTW, I’ve lost everything. Yeay!! And nisa’s entry made me cry even more.

6 thoughts on “I lost my phone

  1. akak!
    alahai~ turut bersimpati. sabar banyak2.
    semoga..err.. er..
    nak doakan jumpa hp lama balik ke nak doakan dapat hp baru dengan cepat? hehe.

    sabar ek!
    btw, i miss to chat with u. :p

  2. azhar: tapelah. dah abes bateri pon masa tu. phone beli kat UK. IMEI number tak salin. phonebook tak backup. pandai x?

    aine: haha. akak sayang awak. btw, dah beli yg baru. ade 3g dan video calling. hikhik.

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