Firstly, congratulations to the newly elected MPPs (Student Representative Council). Please² give IPBA a makeover. Thanks.

I could not sleep (right now is 3.10 am) and so many things are boggling my mind.

I feel like a loser. I couldn’t even cry when I feel like to. I couldn’t even feel the pain even though I’m supposed to. I just feel lifeless, like my soul is somewhere else and my body is empty (that’s the best analogy I can give).

I was asking people to insult me because I could not feel any pain inside my heart and it’s very weird (abnormal) feeling. Girls don’t even dare to try. Boys? It turned out that I insulted them instead. (Huu~~ini merupakan cabaran dan peluang wahai kawan-kawan!)

Sometimes in life, although you know that past is past, but still, you couldn’t forget about it because it shapes and teaches you about life.

To err is human, to forgive is divine, but to forget??

The play count for ‘How to save a life’ by The Fray has already reached number 202. Yeah. I soooo need to get a life.

I need to send in an important assignment this Monday but I did nothing.

I tried to sleep, but I end up blogging.

I tried to get a life, but life picks up on me instead.

*take this dagger and stab me in my heart*

3 thoughts on “Obscene

  1. i got e8 for my arabic in my trial examination. n never had the chance to apply for any scholarship bcause of my trial. it sux.. even my bahasa was c5. n i don’t even shed one drop of tear. sometimes crying just wont help. (^_^)

  2. nah dont worry. shes just being emo and pmsing about her life. heh. >D (still in insult mode)

    p/s: i managed to insult her that day. i tried to adjust the insults into something that would really fit her IQ level thou. i win! >D

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