Ramainya orang suruh saya pulang. Ya. Mahu pulang la ni.

This time I come back for good. Soalan glemer: perasaan? Jawapan saya: Mixed feelings. Huu~~ Lagi beberapa jam nak naik flight and these are the things I’m going to miss:

1-MARJON– Obviously. Thousand times better than IPBA

2- Lovely people of Plymouth– Since we are not so urban, the traditional and good manners are still preserved. I’m going to miss pakcik bas says ‘Are you okay malove?’. Nanti kat Malaysia you will be yelled at tau dalam bas. “Dalam lagi! Dalam lagi!”. Silap haribulan kena raba. Dah sempit sangat. Uh~~ I still remember our trip to the city masa christmas shopping itu hari. Sungguh lovely sangat orang2 Plymouth. Masing2 nak bagi tempat duduk. Akhlak mulia sungguh.

3- The food: Kat sini la belajar makan cous cous instead of nasi and develop my culinary skills of Italian food. Chewah. Last time my diet works. Pastuh balik Malaysia. Hampeh. Expanding my waistline. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! *pulls hair*

4- The internet: Although the speed is considered slow in here, but, it is wayyyyyyyy faster than the fastest internet connection speed in Malaysia.

5- The library and books: Oh my god. Why can’t IPBA library be like MARJON’s. It’s not that we’re that miskin. Kalau expanditure utk education dilebihkan, takkan la rakyat Malaysia susah nak cari buku bagus-bagus di library. *membawa diri ke Singapura*

Huu~~ I’m going to pack this desktop and am going to miss for a day

*hug and kiss my own desktop*

Will be in Malaysia in a day. Insya Allah.

8 thoughts on “Comeback

  1. Salam Ainee

    Good riddance eh eh.. good bye good luck hahaha. Di sini soalannya ‘are ye ok hen?’ ish.. tak rindu shopping ke nanti?

    Jeles ni ada orang going home for good! Take care, dear

  2. Eventhough I kenal your through online (just like eQin)… but seems like I know you in person. Hehe…

    Welcome home Ainee..!! You will survive..! Hehe. *wink*

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