Over and done

Believe it or not, I have officially finished studying in MARJON. I had last session (drama workshop) with Katy this morning. I’m going to miss everything about MARJON and Plymouth. The place where I learn so many things and the place where I learn about life as well. I know I will miss this place, as my heart feels like not wanting to go back to Malaysia. However, Malaysia awaits me, and whether I like it or not, I still need to go back and do my final year in KL.

Time flown. I thought it was Monday yesterday, and today is already Friday. Where had the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday gone? *sigh* I haven’t done my packing yet and many other stuffs that need to be done before I go back. Gosh. How time envies me!

So long farewell Plymouth hoe

I shall see you once more

One day it will be

A day for you and me

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