Time travel

Time flies

Hair gets longer

Judgement is much wiser (hopefully)

Body gets taller (or fatter, in my case)

Skin has become much wrinkled

Memory decays

Another 22 days in here. I’m going to miss this place. It’s almost two years I’ve been here. So many things happen. I can’t believe I’m almost at the finishing line of my degree. I can vote for general election. Time flies really really fast. How much time do I have left really? It’s a way of saying, death is nearer. Scary huh? When thinking of death and be reminded of our sins and our sins to other people. So how?

‘The heart becomes rusted
like iron in water.’
When asked how to banish this
corrosion, the Prophet replied,
‘Remember death frequently and
recite the Qur’an.’

(Monologue: Great. I haven’t gone back to Malaysia yet, and I already speak Manglish la kan~)


4 thoughts on “Time travel

  1. not only manglish ye. tapi kamu juga semakin handal berbahasa melayu. penggunaan ‘keratan’, sebutan sosial. haha. hebat sekali.

  2. Alin: Heheh. Saya pejuang bahasa.

    AA: Ya encik. Boleh saya bantu? Insya Allah goodies itu bisa diatur. Bila mau ketemunya. Datang KL nnt inform sy k.

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