Ramadhan is leaving

Only a few days left, Ramadhan is leaving me. I suddenly feel heavy-hearted. This Ramadhan lots of things happened. Most amazing dream. Most unexpected. Miracles. I wish I can stay in Ramadhan longer. Receiving wake up call for sahur is the best thing because it makes me start my day with smiles and enthusiasm. Not having Satan around is another best thing. Satan does not cloud my judgement. Satan does not whisper and telling me this and that, making me make silly decissions. Yeah. I suddenly feel that, I want to hang at this moment. I want to stuck in Ramadhan. I don’t want to be surrounded by Satan. I had good time with Ramadhan and please God, don’t make me wait for Ramadhan for too long. I miss Ramadhan. I’m going to miss Ramadhan.

4 thoughts on “Ramadhan is leaving

  1. uwaaa~

    i’m going to miss ramadhan. this ramadhan taught me to stand of my own two feet. this ramadhan have taught me lots of things.

    ramadhan neh, berjaye khatam qur’an.hoho!

  2. uwaaa~~same la kite.
    i tanak berpisah bole tak?
    lagi beberapa hari je nak terima wake up call for sahur. huhuh.

  3. The fact that some good things doesn’t last is a lesson in itself.

    It’s human to take things for granted; only its use and importance noticed when it is no longer with us.

    Make most of what you have. Cherish it. While it lasts.

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