How to: be a nocturnal

Salam. Peace. Shalom. Sejahtera. Ewah. Trying to say it in many languages as I can but still, linguistically and lexically it means the same.

I practice CS very hard because I want to improve my agility and vitality.

None of my playmates are online at this time. Omark went back from his office at 4 and I thin, after a long day, he deserve some sleep.

Well,  all I can do is to practice with some BOTs which have “angel_” in front of their name. LOLz. That name was inspired by 350D. Charlie angel.

I know I should memorise some verses from this particular surah, but yeah, sitting in front of a computer with broadband connection, it’s like I’m the one who have most job in the world.

Right. How to be a nocturnal? For anyone who wants to travel to any destination that has +/- 7 GMT difference may get the benefits.

  1. Get on a night flight from west side of the world, then transit somewherem, in China perhaps, and plan your destination arrival at 1 am.
  2. Drink coffee or tea at 10 pm and watch Martha Stewart “30 things you must know” episode.
  3. During day, you can have sleep until 12 pm.
  4. Play CS, make sure you play all the map available, without stop.
  5. Be an engineer student, or Apllication developer, or self-employed worker. Or me.

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