Salam, peace. I jumped into the bandwagon. Like Nadiah (Newcastle) said, it’s addictive. At first, I said “hurm, not another friendster thingy. it’s artificial and boring”. However, Facebook is different. It’s much organised, promise me much privacy and keeps me connected with my university college (FYI: finally MARJON is a university college).

Firstly, I read Kriskhaira’s entry on “Another reason why Facebook rocks“. Finally an internet company recognizes Palestine.

Then I signed up with Facebook.

On my first day, I am stumbling here and there and feel like a baby practicing how to walk. But it was great. I am hooked with the Grafitti.

Then few days later, I read Jeff Ooi’s writing on C|Net about Facebook. If you wish to read it, please do so here.

Today, Joseph Scott says that Facebooker can link their WordPress with Facebook.

Is there any reason why I shouldn’t join Facebook? Have you? Allow me to add you 😀

3 thoughts on “Facebooker

  1. Nice to see you on Facebook. When I first signed up I was checking it like almost every hour or so. But slowly got over it.

  2. Hummmm i got a lot of internet account

    Someday, i will forget all that thingy

    Someday, i will said, oh my goat, i got an account in this website…

    Someday, yeah someday… who knows…

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