Up, up and away!

(I hope kak Eqin doesn’t read this entry till the time I reach and surprise her by myself).

Assalamualaikum. May Allah bless us all. In short time, I am going to leave the UK. Which means… Malaysia! Great. I don’t expect to go back this summer but hey, things happen and what we plan is not always what we get. We just make plan, but it is He who decides. I believe that there’ll be some hikmah. Insha Allah. Well, pray for me. I hope many will want to take the challange to help Abe Idham and Darul Izzah Orpahanage. Au revoir!!

4 thoughts on “Up, up and away!

  1. salam..hey..u didnt hug me before u leave…i will miss u here..really miss travelling with u..
    do take care..
    plz hug sayangsaufiah for me..

  2. Salam…

    I hope you wouldn’t mind we exchange link. I’ve linked your page from mind. Anyhow… Happy holiday!

    PS// Jangan terkejut plak. Malaysia tgh PANAS ni!

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