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Assalamualaikum, peace to be upon you. My condition: I’m freshly baked by Spain’s sun, tired feet, problematic stomach and the list goes on. There are things I’m supposed to write before I go to Spain, but yeah, time and tide waits for no man they say.

Hereby, I would like to fulfil my friends’s request (ainur, farah, azhar ahmad), to write on 6 weird things about myself.

  1. IAD: I am suffering of severe Internet Addiction Disorder. I spend hours on the internet. Last time, when I don’t know the purpose of human being created, I wasted million hours, on unnecessary things. But now, I gain a lot of knowledge from the internet. Well, I’m so going to miss the speed and bandwidth that I experience in the UK. Now when I discover that I am lacking a lot of Islamic knowledge, internet is a library for me. It’s just that I need to be choosy and wise to choose my resources. See, internet isn’t that bad~
  2. Poet laureate: I wish to be a laureate. I am currently learning how to be a poet in the UK. I didn’t have any chance while I was in Malaysia.


    Well, basically because I don’t know personally any Malaysian poet (Mr Muhammad Haji Salleh, if you read this, I want you to know that I adore you so much). Insha Allah like Muhammad Iqbal, or Rumi. Beautiful verses that describe feelings and expressions towards many subjects. May whatever that I am doing will support my religion.

  3. Body conscious: Yes, I’m freak about my own weight. Ask Mimi (Brisbane), she knows how many times per day I will go to her room and use the bathroom scale. Why? Typical woman.

    SINFUL PLEASURE: Britain-award Montezuma Chocolate!

    Would like to have an ideal body but lazy to work out, but at the same time, I keep myself busy. So that my fat and cholesterol burned down along the way. So, it’s time to be a Cinderella. Not a sleeping beauty any more! PS: You’ll get questions from me like “am I fat?” “Do I look fat?” “Am I losing weight?”. Yes, and the same kind of question will be asked until I’m satisfied. Ops, lately my stomach is problematic. Wonder why.

  4. LOL lady: Yes, I do laugh out loud. I really want to change this habit. It doesn’t serve the real purpose of wearing hijab (modesty for those who wonder). Gosh. My laughter can be heard 15 miles away. Echoing and drumming your eardrums. So, please, advice me once you hear me laughing like a hyena. Buruk betul perempuan gelak kuat2 kan? Kalau comel takper laa =P
  5. Bookworm: I simply loves book. I love reading. But yeah, I abandon my books until its been eaten by worms (well, figuratively).


    There are books that I buy because I want to, but because of time restriction, I don’t finish them. There are few to be named. So, tell me if you want one. I’m willing to give it to you.

  6. Accentuate accent?: Honestly, since I come to UK, I’ve been picking up British accents and unconsciously it applies in my daily speech. So, a mixture of Bristol, South West, and some Yorkshire. Midland is on its way. Probably if my Mak (or any Malaysian) will think Iim mengada nak jadi mat salleh celup whatsoever. Previously I did it because I was so obsessed with Harry Potter, but now being here, probably talking with Britons, has made me talk like this. Gosh! I swear I don’t do it intentionally. Well, not as bad as Scottish accent innit?

This one is dedicated to Encik Azhar Ahmad, link to his entry:


Ah, finally it’s organised and neat.


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  1. At last you make it… Great! U did what u dont want to do..Ahakas… Feel depress?

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