arrived safely

Alhamdulillah. Kembali ke bumi Plymouth again. Walaupun tersekat di M5 selama sejam, sebab semua orang di UK ni nak balik kampung, tapi alhamdulillah kami sampai dengan selamat.

Banyak perkara saya belajar dalam seminggu ini, namun, is it enough? When I seek knowledge, further I go, the more I need to seek, more inferior I felt, because His knowledge is limitless and plenty. Simple as that. If you think you’re good enough in everything, that is so not true. I don’t think I can grasp and equipped myself with all the knowledge in this world. So, sorry for not posting anything for a week. Been away from my computer. Yes, I do miss blogging while I’m away. So many things to share with my readers. Just wait and read. =)

Got something to show you guys, how ignorant these people about islam. Pity them. The title is “Testing Americans On Muslim I.Q.”

Q: Why do Arabs wear turbans?

A: Because they don’t have hair? (my laughter echoed)

Q: What is the name of Muslim’s holy month?

A: Jihad (confidently he said, and I do expect about it)

Take note of his last words 😉

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3 thoughts on “arrived safely

  1. It’s not surprising. But the same thing can be said of the Muslims too. They know almost nothing about other religions too. For example a lot of Muslims get offended when you tell them Nabi Ibrahim/ Abraham is a Jew.

  2. Salam there. Would like to share a story. When I in Torquay, being a stewardess for an exhibition, I was being asked by a teacher (she’s a christian):

    “So, if Jews come from Moses, claim that their religion is right; then comes Jesus, brings christian, later comes Muhammad, brings Islam, does this mean that this is the right religion?”

    My answer “All of them are bringing the same message, and Muhammad completes the religion. It’s like assignment, you have first draft, second draft, and what prophet Muhammad brings it the final draft. “. Alhamdulillah they understand.

  3. congrats Ainee,

    that’s the best ‘logical’ answer to explain about Islam. Btw, that’s why the Jews were ‘offended’ when they knew that the last Prophet s.a.w is not going to be from their clan. they think highly of themselve, they refuse to accept Rasulullah’s s.a.w teaching because he’s an Arab.

    Hampir sama dengan cerita iblis dan Nabi Adam kan?

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