Ummahfilm is in London!

Assalamualaikum (peace to be upon you) all. I know there are many youtubers (people who love youtube) out there and one of the channel that I like to watch is ummahfilms. This guy is from US and always have brilliant, witty, funny approach in their videos. Basically talking about the reality of today’s Muslim.

Believe me! They’re totally funny!. Have a peek on their first video

Good news is, they’re coming over to the UK!!!

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I have been notified that seating is limited so please click on the following link to reserve your seats:

For bookings and ticket-related queries:
Mohammed Marikar or Anna Cooke, [email protected]

For general queries about the event:
Imran Younas, [email protected]

3 thoughts on “Ummahfilm is in London!

  1. Salam Ainee,

    dah tengok kat youtube. Baguslah dia ni. Suka cara Q&A dia.

    Seronok dengar dia nak datang UK, teringin juga nak pergi tapi malangnya masa tu tak sesuai la. Ada exam pulak. Ish.

    Kalau ainee decided to go, ceritalah dalam blog ye. c u. take care.

  2. Suka sangat cara dia ekspress about Islam. Bilalah di Malaysia ada orang sebegini…

  3. aineeee…. aku pon pminat dyeee!! wargghhh sonoknye dye nk dtg… sobs nk jugak

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