bila diri diuji bahagian II

Lately my schedule is crammed and hectic. There is no time to be wasted doing useless stuff. Now my life is full because I know what is the purpose, I’m living. I feel bored no more. I feel that I don’t have much time to do my things. I feel stronger and my mom said that I’ve grown into a woman. Changes happened, yet I am still me. It’s my own choice and I am responsible of my own actions. Return to Allah everytime, anyhow. Because with him I found happiness in vain, peacefulness in daily business, always reminding me of my actions. Educate me with good attitudes (akhlaq) and train my stubborn heart to be patience. I feel blessed, in Islam.

Have a look at this writing, and think:

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Wish us safety for a journey seeking knowledge.

2 thoughts on “bila diri diuji bahagian II

  1. u inspires me..thx…
    pray 4 me that i will hv that same feelings as urs… i want my empty heart to be filled… bcos we know what is our aim and our mission.. to live and to contribute for the development of the ummah… that is

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