Bila diri diuji

Akhirnya saya ada masa utk berblog. Quite busy for these 2 weeks. After volunteering days and night in Torquay, went to Walsall, outside Birmingham and gained loads of knowledge over there. We were quite worried as days before we went there, there was raid in Birmingham. And met with the sisters whom I knew when I went to PMS 06. The best thing of all, met with the person who inspires me to get into this path. He’s the bapak angin. His speech, hilarious, yet full of content, and analogy which provokes your mind to think. To everyone who were chosen, don’t ever give up, gives support to each other and make du’a for everyone. May Allah bless us all~

Ops, and this reminds me of a song entitled ‘sunnah berjuang’. Used to be sung by nadamurni, then later being upgraded with nicer percussion by Hijjaz (and Hijjaz members used to be nadamurni members as well).

Bit of its lyrics:

Berjuang tak pernah senang
Ombak derita tiada henti
Senang susah silih berganti
Inilah sunah orang berjuang.

This is the original (lapuk or lama punya) version from nadamurni. Download from the playlist, here.

You may download Hijjaz’s version from the playlist, here

6 thoughts on “Bila diri diuji

  1. Thanks for the music links.

    You must do something about the annoying pop ups on your blog which I traced back to the webstats counter.

  2. Kasihan Muslim di Birmingham. Doa saya untuk semua Muslim, semoga sejahtera.

    welcome back, Ainee.

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