Selasa yang culas.

I was asked to go back by the teachers (yes, many of them!) as I got earache again at school. Then I walked slowly, waiting for the lucky-number-46-bus to appear, in autumn gust. Even the bus stop shelter was shaking due to the strong wind today. So I hoovered my room (Before I go to school the glass bowl which I put next to my window fell and shattered into pieces. Luckily I met with Margaret today in the college and asked her to put the vacuum in our house as I want to do it later). I don’t want to sleep with sharp edged of broken glasses. Arse! I immediately fell asleep aster few chat with friends on the internet. Then Dienka’s call woke me up at 6.50pm asking whether I want to attend the workshop. I can’t. I’m bit poorly. I was *ucking tired.

Erk. What is this crap? OK. I am inspired to re-plan my future after I read MA’s blog. So go on read her’s first, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Hahah. MA is so inspiring for me yah.

So, If I get married at 27, there are chances that I’ll get as much as 4 offsprings.

If I married early of the year, I prolly get one at the end of the year.

  • 27 years old- 1st born 
  • 29 years old- 2 offspring
  • 32 years old- 3 offspring
  • 36 years old- 4 offspring

So, by the time the youngest get into primary school, my age will be around 43. Not that bad innit? If I am the teacher at his or her school, that’s much better
as PTA’s meeting and everything is under my knowledge.

Uh, uh. But I’m dreaming to get 6 brood. How aa? Shall I add another 2 years? Shall I eat pills in order to get twin? 

Well, everything is plan, and it all depends on ‘Him’, the Almighty, the Omniscient. 


*Note to myself: Ainee!! Move your arse you lazy bitch. Do your work please!!
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2 thoughts on “Selasa yang culas.

  1. salam

    now you made me think about my age!! Gosh. Wah! When I was a lot younger *ahem* I planned to get maried by the age of 28 or 29. Being a career minded and all of course. But Allah do have plans for us rite? Im over 30s and still couldn’t imagine myself married. Scared? Nope. Choosy? That’s what people said, but hey! We must be choosy otherwise we ended up with no good arse****. Well! there are lots of unexplained factors..

    We got gales yesterday. It was bad. like you said, even the bus stop box rattled cos of the strong wind.

    Yep! Im still up and perky at 1.20am after a high dose of kopi 434 caffeine. Hope you’re getting better. Take painkiller, rest and sleep.

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