Kerja, keletihan, kantoi.

Sekarang ni kerja banyak. Bayangkan:

  • 07/12- Katy nak tengok school portfolio
  • 11/12- Exam BHPD01: How Students progress as learners, 2 hours seen exam.
  • 14/12- Group celebration & art portfolio hand in (almost 100% done since it’s not much)
  • 15/12- TEYL Portfolio due date

Mike pon nak tengok portfolio utk EIT. Tapi yang tu almost settled. Too many kerja!!

Ada satu satu flashgame nie, ala2 KOF/ Street fighter, and I managed to win all stage. It congratulates me:

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But then, it makes me feel guilty.

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So, do they know that all the gamers of this game, don’t do their homework then?

PS: Akak managed to persuade me to buy earmuffs. Besides, I do need it for tomorrow. Taunton Avenue to Woodfield Primary is quite distance, hilly and chilly.

PSS: Romong will update his entry soon. He currently enjoys his time in his kampung. He’s busy for this upcoming SMKASAS Cataluna 9802 reunion. Gambaremasu minna san!!
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3 thoughts on “Kerja, keletihan, kantoi.

  1. actually u do look cute wearing that earmuffs…perhaps there is somebody else i should persuade to buy it too…or mayb i should buy n post it out kan?…hmm perhaps i should..

    kekekekeke…c u around babe!

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