Eid 2006 update

In UK, we already celebrated Eid Mubarak, one day earlier than Malaysia (Monday, 23rd). So far, I haven’t shed a tear yet although there are many challenges and problems I encounter. I’m trying not to have any emotion attachment, as a Jedi is prohibited from doing so. Feeling will prone you to dark force.

Here’s the report of Eid in Plymouth, 2006.

Eid eve: cooking, playing sparkle.

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Can you see us?

On Eid: visits, chatting, eating and more eating.

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Visit to House 12
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With tuan rumah
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Their turn to visit our house
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The food

8 thoughts on “Eid 2006 update

  1. eh eh u all ni .. duduk kat UK kan? mana dapat makanan melayu ni? you all masak sendiri ek? macam x percaya aje .. huhuhu

    ps : Kim salam kat awek baju kuning tu… u all mmg comel sokmo gitu..

  2. hehehe.. nampak simple tapi seronok kan..!! yg mana satu tuan blog nya…?? ekeke

  3. Selamat Hari Raya.

    Don’t eat too much. I think I regained all the eight I lost this month on the first day itself.

  4. khai: trimas~dh sampaikan dh salam aidilfitri~

    maniq: heheh, tuan blog kate “biarlah rahsia” 😛

    adam: 😀 thanks for d advice. my mom already nags me to lose some weight. she said she doesn’t want me to increase dress size 😛 she was shocked to hear my body weight rite now. she said “nanti tak boleh pakai kebaya”.


  5. you all look very happy. Bismillah, erachman, erahim.
    this is what my muslim sister taught me to say every day.

  6. hi maria~ thank you, that’s nice of you~yes, bismillah is supposed to be said at the beginning of everything (in the name of Allah). thanks for visiting this blog

  7. uih.. comey2 sume.. selamat hari raya aidilfitri…

    tak perasan lak die ni ade blog.. huhuhu. sowy

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