Do we need to change when we were asked to?

Since I was little, I was playing with DOS’ game like snakes, Mario Brothers and Prince of Persia (pixeled version). That time, me and my brothers had smudge dad’s keyboard badly. It had our fingerprints and bits of biscuits and tons of dust. I found that DOS is user-friendly and I easily learned LOTUS (DOS’ version of Microsoft Excel) when I was in primary school.

Then there comes the culprit which makes Mr Bill Gates becomes the richest man on earth. Windows has reached every PC in this world and it’s a phenomenon. After his genius invention accepted on worldwide scale, he breeds more Windows OS which are: Windows 95, followed by Windows 98, Windows ME and then latest, Windows XP. However, because Windows OS is totally conquering every unit globally, then along came MAC OS, and Linux (specially dedicated to penguin enthusiast). People have realised that Windows is not ‘that’ good actually.

Windows Vista demo goes awry

Because of wanting to compete MAC with the brilliant graphic, Microsoft is producing a new baby namely Windows Vista. It’s birth announcement have been delayed to next year as some have tested it’s virginity and many made comments about and still have weaknesses thus its’ birth announcement have been delayed. I found many flaws of Windows (at this time being) and have some feeling of changing it to Linux (well, somebody plays a great role in influencing me either). Morevover, Linux is world-wide You can read the comparison in details, here. Plus, in terms of security, Az told me that there’s a hacker hacked Windows Vista in 20 minutes only. I guess I will gain my consumer right soon (but I still wish for dual-booting, but I guess myPC will be slower or worse, crash~).

So people, if you want to change to Vista just because of its appearance, you’re burning your own ass actually. There are several tips given by PC advisor (get the october’s issue!):

  1. If you want the wallpaper, head to and you do the choosing
  2. For the mouse pointer, visit this link > However, the effect won’t be as impressive as the real Vista (don’t tell me i ddin’t warn you!). unzip the aero (an acronym for Authentic, Energetic, Reflective, and Open) cursors folders to your desktop, right click then install.
  3. Control Panel>Appearence and Themes>choose the mouse pointers option to the left of the main pane. Click on the pointers and you’ll see the AERO cursors (alphablended) listed in the scheme drop-down. Scroll down the items in the Customize list for preview of the symbols that will appear, depending on the tasks.
  4. Vista includes a range if applets that sit on your desktop and serve up the information that’s most useful to you. Known as gadgets, they’re similar to the widgets Yahoo offers for XP users and those Apple’s OS X Tiger includes. Head to and download the installation tool for XP.
  5. By default, widgets supposedly stored in My Documents. Yahoo displays popular widgets and directs your icon to the system tray–where you can manage your onscreen applets. Press F8 to greys out open windows for an unobstructed of view of your widgets.
  6. Another tool that’ll add some eyeshadow and blusher to your new Windows XP makeover~or Windows Vista lookalike makeup~ is by downloading desktop sidebar. You can get it from What’s good about it? Desktop sidebar ease your daily chores for displaying weather forecast, info on your PC perfomance, news headlines, yada yada.

So, more to look at: this site provides Vista themes. Basically, to install it is the usual way to install theme.

So, what do you think of Vista’s screenshot? Merely a makeover in order to beat MAC’s 3D look?

So I’m not totally against Microsoft, but I think they have been on top to long and there are OSs which perform better than Windows, so give it a try.

3 thoughts on “Do we need to change when we were asked to?

  1. Ashamed to say dis, actually i neva came across/heard of the linux program… maybe technology and stuffs are not my cup of tea anymore like it used to be.i dun mind using my old and antique microsoft (but reliable!) my principle is, as long as i can access to the net, that’s only enough..heeee….btw, gud lark wif Linux! 😀

  2. nvm farah. i still haven’t change OS at this time being since this is a new PC and I want to use it to the max. Perhaps one day when Windows mess with me.

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