what to do: annoying punksters

This is a message for girls out there who their boyfriends are far away (to protect them). i know how you girls feel and being independent is absolutely a brave thing to do. here are some tips:

  1. do not panic. panic will only block oxygen ciculation to go to your brain as you are gasping more for oxygen for your lungs. in simple language, panic attack makes you think stupidly. so, first thing is, tell yourself not to panic.
  2. be prepared always. swiss knife is so practical and multi-purpose. if you are not preapared in the first place, be creative. look around and find objects that can be used as weapons or people that you can rely to protect you.
  3. always have vocal practise. we, girls don’t have much energy as guys but we have this high pitch voice which can be heard as far as 5 kilometres. so, chant this magic charm “help!/assault!” as loud as possible. 
  4. wear good shoes. good shoes means quick run and good kick. maybe you will consider your safety factor when you buy shoes next time. remember, shoes means praticality.
  5. if he is near you and there is no one to help you, remember this “kick his balls” as hard as possible. o yeah, good shoes do help. 
  6. well, what are you waiting for? run-lah as fast as possible!

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