Last time I wrote on my plan during 3 weeks holiday. In order to refresh your rusty memory, have a look here.

Well, most likely, some of it were successfully done while some aren’t. Number 3 is most likely my victory. I do it every single day, skipping and crawling and leave my footprint universally. I did it very well, in fact, I have a dream to get a certificate for this field. No, no one ever get a certificate for bloghopping. It’s my other blog, which I intend to give a makeover and recognition.

Carboot is quite enjoyable but the weather is not. While for books, I’ve breed them in my room. Just read one and others were breeding. Quite ambitious I am.

Preparing for the next term? I don’t know what I should do anyway. I’ve prepared mentally, I have accepted the fact that the class is going to start soon. Probably just need few days to adjust my sleep time. That’s it.

I had good time in London with kak eQin and abg kejam. London was nice. Yup, weather was been nice that time. Sunny, bright and cheery. Parks, strolling and try to enjoy our days as much as we can though we don’t have big budget for our holiday. Yeah. Happiness is not determined by your money, it’s determined on the way how you’re thinking bout it. I’ve had my lesson thank you. ~(sing it!)yang penting happy~happy~ Previous report here.

Jobhunting, I guess I’m not lucky enough. I think I’m going to bluff my name sounds like ‘Miss Adam’ (someone teaches me, and she’s a good teacher) after this.

Well, just seize the day while I still can. I don’t find it boring, cause I found day with a class is hectic and there are so many things to be done and rushed. See ya people! Selamat menyambut hari Malaysia pada 16 September ini.

3 thoughts on “self-indulgent

  1. uiks..TMI…nampak sgt ler aku yg mengajor benda yg bukan2 kat ko nih…huhu…

    manade…yg baik2 jek akak ajor..yg bukan2 tuh..ko pick up sendiri ek…hehe..=P happy ler babe!! cuti best!!!

  2. err…
    did i mention u akak??
    it was totally anonymous k
    but since u make self-confession (i didn’t force innit?) here, so i guess it’s no longer anonymous oredi.

  3. haha…i said Too Much Information..

    kantoi seh…

    anyway, i just realised…

    I had good time in London with kak eQin and abg kejam.

    huhu..wonder when abg kejam will notice..=P perhaps he needs a push…hmm….

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