antara jolin dan cyndi

I had conversation with Soo Yin on bus last Sunday. Jolin and Cyndi look alike! It’s just that Jolin’s body is petite and Jolin is sexy. Compare these two pix, they look alike aren’t they? Siapa tiru siapa, wallahualam. Dunia artis la katakan.

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Peeps, I’m going to London with Kak eQin tomorrow (31st August) at 3 am. Wish me safety and health. Pray la so I won’t wek2 again. Really don’t like it!! Huu~ Spoil my journey jer. Hence, for a few days this blog won’t be updated. I hope Romong can upload his post when I’m away. He said he can’t upload his post. Don’t know why. Either UKM’s internet is sucks or blogger. I think there are two possibilities only. Whoever knows the third or fourth possibility, name it in comment space yar?

Today I made sushi. Coz I want to finish the stock that I have in here, so I can buy more in London. Lawak laa buat sushi bersama kak eQin. Figured out new technique to spread the rice. Honestly, making sushi is tiring. However they just need 2 months to get the certificate to be a sushi chef. Wanna see how does it look like? It is yummy, and they make me feel sleepy.

Want to make it? I’ll write the recipe later when I come back. Me sleepy. Me want to sleep, but need to pack the stuffs. Aih~ Xpelar, nak gi tgk stadium baru Emirates (Insya Allah~). Hee hee. Abg Yos jgn jeles! Of course i remember you when I go there, and beloved Syada too. Hee hee again. See you again people. Tak lama. 4 hari je.

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2 thoughts on “antara jolin dan cyndi

  1. huaaa…ainee!!! i want to go to Spain…huhu T_T sedey weh…hope our little trip to london will make me happy..=) haih…i almost forgot the thing im supposed to take for him..aiyoo..sesia jek kang jumpa..k la ainee babe!! hope we have a safe n great still waiting for ur abg ijan..mana la pakcik nih…

  2. It is hard to make a good sushi. my sensei always told me that rice, see weed, crab egg, fish (luv the head meat), and omelete must be well prepared. If not, sushi will be the worsed ever meal!

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